AbbyWinters Sasha B On The Floor

Name: AbbyWinters Sasha B On The Floor 1080p
Duration: 00:33:55
Release: 2014
Studio: abbywinters
Genre(s): All Girl / Lesbian, Amateur, European, International, Masturbation, Popular with Women
Cast: Alexa Tomas, Alyssa Reece, Emily B., Immie (abbywinters), Amber Clare, Tallulah (abbywinters), Poppy C., Sofia Matthews, Sasha R.

Imagine you’re in a closet. You watch from the perfect vantage point. A beautiful young girl comes in and slowly walks around her room. She then starts to undo the buttons on her silk dress, lets it drop to the floor and steps over it, revealing her pert nipples and curvaceous body. She climbs into bed and delicately starts to run her hand across her leg. You can see from her face that she is getting flushed. She squeezes her breasts and lets out a gentle moan. You have to be quiet so as not to disturb her. She then starts touching and rubbing her pussy, then spreading her labia to reveal an engorged clit. She tickles and rubs her clit into a frenzy and has an orgasm right before your very eyes.


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