Black Street Hookers 102

Name: Black Street Hookers 102 720p
Duration: 01:55:40
Release: 2012
Studio: T.T. Boy Productions
Genre(s): Amateur, Big Butt, Black, Black Women, Gonzo, Prostitutes/Hookers
Cast: Lisa Ray (II), Mark Anthony, T.P., Kitty Kat, Lonna Ray, Pink Berri Kerri

Black Street is back with the hottest freaks in the ATL. Starting out with cover girl Lisa, mixed with Puerto Rican, makes her very hot. Only 18 and her ass can jump! Then we have a freak named Pink Berri who will blow u away! She is so fucking horny and 5’9 with D breasts, fat pussy and will blow bubbles on your dick! Plus a thick beauty named Lonna who has the face to make u fall in love. Then there’s Kitty Kat. Black Street is back with an original cast!



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