Nubiles Sarah Lace Sexual With Sarah

Name: Nubiles Sarah Lace Sexual With Sarah 1080p
Duration: 00:14:05
Release: 1995
Studio: Caballero Home Video
Genre(s): Blondes, Boxed Sets, Classic, Star Showcase
Cast: Nina Hartley, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Shanna McCullough, Sharon Kane, Mike Horner, John Leslie, Tracy Adams, Ona Zee, Colleen Brennan, Rachel Ryan, Porsche Lynn, Megan Leigh, Jamie Lee, Tom Chapman, Jerry Butler, Angel Kelly, Alice Springs, Krista Lane, Robert Bullock, Francois Papillon, Leilani, Alicia Monet, Britt Morgan, Sarah Simms

Includes Lady By Night Danielle and Clint are an ordinary American couple living in France. But are they as innocent as they seem? Danielle may be Lady By Night but during the day she’s a first class slut working in Madame Margarite’s cathouse. To say she enjoys her work is an understatement! Along with Trixie (Nina Hartley), these gals show the French a thing or three about lovemaking. But don’t count their carnal coworkers Marie and Nanette out! These passion professionals rarely miss a beat when it comes to keeping the customer satisfied. And where does this scintillating scenario end? Well, Trixie has an American client who reminds Danielle of her husband. No… it couldn’t be… or could it? Bring On The Virgins The heavens are horny when The Big Guy sends his ace angel (Joey Silvera) down to check out how mortals lose their virginity. And what gorgeous mortals Joey interviews! Sharon Kane recounts high school banging that really got her pom-poms spinning. Torrid Tanya Foxx relives her backdoor deflowering while Nina Hartley gets her cherry picked during a youth camp scavenger hunt! Not to be topped in her first time tale, Porsche Lynn savors a sordid sex-wallow with two sturdy studs. All this sex proves to be too much for our angel – who samples some earthly delights with a real virgin! Oh, well! If you can’t beat ’em… join ’em! The Sex Teacher Nina Hartley teaches a thing or two about how to fuck! Splendor in the Ass Something hot is happening at the Vanderblik’s Mansion! Shocking? Perverse? Hell no! It’s just part of the naughty shenanigans of the rich and mighty horny! After Sir Ashley and his butler Dudley give the French maid her morning servicing, what to do about son Westley becomes the problem of the day! He’s still a virgin! The lusty services of Hortense Harlot fix that immediately! But it seems that Westley’s ultimate fantasy is a poke in the poop-chute! Lady Penelope helps grease the wheel of fate…so to speak…and backdoor love conquers all! Director Gerard Damiano hits a hot homerun in this frantic farce of high society rear-ending! Dirty Pictures Brunette bombshell Krista Lane has more than one trick up her sleeve, as she takes some hot photographs for luscious Megan Leigh. One thing leads to another until the two of them are “clicking” in a sensuous girl girl lovefest. But this is only the beginning of the Dirty Pictures to be taken in Krista’s studio today! Divine Decadence For the past year, newlyweds Emily and Victor (Alicia Monet & Joey Silvera) have been living in a villa on the French Riviera. An outsider might think these two are on an extended honeymoon… but they’re really living a wanton, sex-filled life of Divine Decadence. Into this bizarre sex-world Victor’s sister Carol (Nina Hartley) comes for a visit. Soon she is initiated into the depraved desires of the jet-set, and discovers her brother’s shocking secret. Featuring Europe’s most beautiful erotic actresses, get ready to experience the depths of debauchery, where sexual tastes and desires have been perfected into a sizzling art form! Material Girl When millionaire Howard Clughes goes looking for a house, he has in mind a little hideaway for his chesty mistress. However, Jane Tussell can’t seem to keep anything hidden away, and she shows more than the house to prospective buyers. Howard has his eye – and his hands – on Bella, the beautiful assistant of the real estate agent. Harry and Bella are partners in bed as well as business, but they find time for mergers with many others along the way. Howard beds Bella while Harry and Jane tussle. Other house hunters hump happily and girls meets girl in this spirited bedroom romp! Portrait of an Affair Here is a love story like no other. Filmed in a lavish way (reminiscent of those high budget night-time evening soaps) it boldly reveals a sexual liaison between four passionate people. The wife: a famous writer for magazines who finds mental and physical gratification from her artistic lesbian girlfriend. The husband: a man who appease his sexual appetite with his wife in a most brutish way, which repels and yet excites her deeply. The wife’s lover: her insatiable desire for sexual variety drives her to his door, begging him to fulfill her deepest desires. Sensitive. Sensual. Unforgettable. Unmistakingly, Anthony Spinelli’s Portrait of an Affair. Club Ecstasy In Europe, there’s a place you can have every mind-boggling sexual experience known. At Club Ecstasy, an American executive (Colleen Brennan) enlists the services of a carnal counselor (Nina Hartley) to make her fantasies come true. Will she choose Parisian passion with a French stud…or enter the “Bizarre Room” for a she-male encounter…or join nubile Nina for a female orgy? Tourist Joey Silvera knows what he wants…dominatrix Porsche Lynn! Could you choose from this sex-banquet? Colleen finally decides on unrelenting passion and romance with Jacques (John Leslie). It just goes to show when it comes to lust – being picky pays off big! In Excess Sex starved Britt Morgan dons garters and lace but still can’t lure husband Tom Byron away from his sports. Britt loves sports too, but her games include ball fondling and tongue licking marathons. She gets both in a hot scene with Tom Chapman. Then she’s off to Nude City, luscious acres of sprawling nudity where the recreation hour is right up her needs. With alluring Alice Springs and incomparable Nina Hartley there’s enough animal passion to satisfy your wildest imaginations. But what about hubby Tom? Can he ever fulfill Britt’s excessive desire? It’s one sizzling scene after another in his film of Excess!


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